Thousands of zoo animals killed in Europe yearly


Zoos are prisons, and many times, zookeepers are the executioners (the worst thing is, these animals have done nothing wrong at all).

Originally posted on Exposing the Big Game:

By MALIN RISING / Associated Press / February 14, 2014

STOCKHOLM (AP) — People around the world were stunned when Copenhagen Zoo killed a healthy 2-year-old giraffe named Marius, butchered its carcass in front of a crowd that included children and then fed it to lions.

But Marius’ fate isn’t unique — thousands of animals are euthanized in European zoos each year for a variety of reasons by zoo managers who say their job is to preserve species, not individual animals. In the U.S., zoos try to avoid killing animals by using contraceptives to make sure they don’t have more offspring than they can house, but that method has also been criticized for disrupting animals’ natural behavior.



U.S. and European zoological groups refuse to release figures for the total number of animals killed. But David Williams Mitchell, spokesman of the European…

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One Response to “Thousands of zoo animals killed in Europe yearly”

  1. we have to come up with new concepts of zoos, think of information centres in a digital sense, where no animals are kept:
    who wants to see sad captivated animals anyways…

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