Save the Wolves!

I almost always wear a necklace with a pendant with the shadow of a howling wolf on it. I wear this necklace because I believe that wolves, like all animals, have a lot to teach humans. Wolves, for example, can teach humans about loyalty and having close family ties, two attributes for which they are known. However, these noble creatures face many threats today from mankind.

According to the Defenders of wildlife website, wolves long ago roamed throughout the mainland of the United States. Unfortunately, wolves also face many threats today from people who don’t understand them or consider them pests. For instance, they are considered pests by farmers because they kill livestock (which wouldn’t be a problem if people didn’t enslave animals on farms in the first place).  Another threat to wolves is habitat loss, caused by humans destroying their habitats (and habitats of wolf prey) to build homes and other buildings.

The Defenders of Wildlife website, of course, doesn’t fail to mention the greatest threat to wolves: perception by humans. Thanks to being fed over and over this notion of wolves being “big and bad,” most people misunderstand and fear these noble creatures. But as I’ve pointed out, wolves (and other animals) have a lot to teach us, including loyalty, close family ties, and working together as a community. They deserve to be saved, just like all other animals.

So what can be done? Well, just as with any other cause, people need to be educated. This fact sheet from Defenders of Wildlife has a list of their conservation efforts throughout the United States. You can also pass the information on their fact sheet along to others, whether you’re just telling a family member or friend or leafleting. So come on, friends! Let’s save the wolves!

~ by lunacoyote87 on March 20, 2011.

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