Keystone opponents compare pipeline to WMD at State Dept petition delivery

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Originally posted on DC Direct Action News:

On the 7th of March, a combined force of activists from many groups opposing the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline delivered about 2 million petitions to the State Dept against the pipeline. Banners and speakers outside compared the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline to the WMD or “Weapons of Mass Destruction” that Kerry has campaigned against the proliferation of.

Video of the petition delivery marchBanner_At_State_3-7-2014


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Thousands of zoo animals killed in Europe yearly

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Zoos are prisons, and many times, zookeepers are the executioners (the worst thing is, these animals have done nothing wrong at all).

Originally posted on Exposing the Big Game:

By MALIN RISING / Associated Press / February 14, 2014

STOCKHOLM (AP) — People around the world were stunned when Copenhagen Zoo killed a healthy 2-year-old giraffe named Marius, butchered its carcass in front of a crowd that included children and then fed it to lions.

But Marius’ fate isn’t unique — thousands of animals are euthanized in European zoos each year for a variety of reasons by zoo managers who say their job is to preserve species, not individual animals. In the U.S., zoos try to avoid killing animals by using contraceptives to make sure they don’t have more offspring than they can house, but that method has also been criticized for disrupting animals’ natural behavior.



U.S. and European zoological groups refuse to release figures for the total number of animals killed. But David Williams Mitchell, spokesman of the European…

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Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack: Redux

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Originally posted on Vegans of Color:


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Collective Liberation: Just Do It

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Capitalism is at the root of most of the world’s problems.

Originally posted on Mickey Z.:

The food we eat. The words we utter. The choices we make. All of these (and more) express our world view—and thus, the image we present to the world.

So, if you seek justice and collective liberation…why wear Nike products?


Factories throughout Nike’s global empire—in places like Vietnam, China, and Indonesia—have been dogged for decades by widespread, documented cases of worker abuse.

With almost 75 percent of the price of a garment made in a sweatshop going into the pockets of the manufacturer and retailer, Nike has a long history of exploiting workers. When we willingly overpay for the right to become walking billboards for the Nike swoosh, we are financially and culturally supporting such repression.

Think about this, sports fans: You buy a Nike t-shirt and wear it maybe 30 times in a year. Nike, a global monolith with Third World factories that pay the oppressed locals $1.35…

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Permit to hunt black rhino in Namibia sells for $350,000

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The hunt will go one, but keep sharing and reblogging this to keep activists worldwide aware!

Originally posted on Our Compass:

Please note that there are no petitions to sign or letters to send. This hunt will go on. The only thing you can do to protest this atrocity is to go vegan: be a friend to all animals and refuse to use them in any manner. If everyone were vegan, hunting would be a relic.

SourceDallas News

A permit to hunt an endangered African black rhino has sold for $350,000 at a closely watched auction that’s been criticized by wildlife and animal rights groups.

The Dallas Safari Club and the African nation of Namibia auctioned the permit Saturday to raise money for efforts to protect the black rhino.

Safari Club spokesman Steve Wagner confirmed the sale of the permit at the closed-door event. He declined to name the buyer.

The auction has drawn howls from critics, including wildlife and animal rights groups, and the FBI last week said it…

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Rock Creek deer slaughter draws protest on coldest night in decades

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Animal Activism, in action!

Originally posted on DC Direct Action News:

At about 8 PM, an animal rights activist driving on Oregon Ave spotted Park Rangers and cops on the Rock Creek side. A park ranger said they were there to kill deer-and within 3 hours animal rights activists were out with a banner and whistles to warn off the deer.

Video of the Jan 6 deer kill protest

A banner at Military Road across from the killers

A banner at Military Road across from the killers

Cops and rangers shine a light at parked cars

Cops and rangers shine a light at parked cars

NPS sign about the killings: photo by another patrolling activist

NPS sign about the killings: photo by another patrolling activist

Roadblock in Rock Creek: photo by another patrolling activist

Roadblock in Rock Creek: photo by another patrolling activist

Some referred to this “cull” of a species far less overpopulated than ourselves as a “hunt,” but the USDA’s hired killers are shooting tame deer over bait. Last time they did this, at almost the same time someone who tried to shoot one deer to eat was being prosecuted for poaching.

Activists drove around the…

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Occupy for All Species

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Activists are concerned with privilege in its many forms, and understandably so. Why, then, do many turn a blind eye to human privilege?

Originally posted on Mickey Z.:

for blog

What if I told you that I knew a way you could oppose unspeakable animal cruelty, stand up for exploited human workers, help address a human health holocaust, work to reduce the profits and control of the 1%, surrender the hierarchical privilege of speciesism, and play a role in defending the eco-system before it’s too late?

Don’t answer yet…

What if I added that this choice also addresses deforestation, topsoil depletion, the rape culture, overfishing, water pollution, rapid species extinction, the proliferation of GMOs in our food supply, human starvation, and so much more?

Don’t answer yet…

What if I then informed you that you could do all this 24 hours a day and still have plenty of time for many other forms of protest and dissent?

Don’t answer yet…

As an activist—a revolutionary, even—I’d imagine you’d be practically drooling. Right?

Okay, feel free to answer now…

Unfortunately, for way

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